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 Request For Admin

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PostSubject: Request For Admin   Request For Admin EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 9:57 pm

My name is In Quinn and i think i wouldmake a good admin because i am usually on late and i play respectful and i am nice
In Game name quinnafred123
I am 14 and i am in 10th grade which means i am smart and i know my way around the block and all
things to know i am a good person with many traits i do not play any sports as i am taking up gaming I love minecraft and xbox i think there a great thing and its a good life to be able to play them My birthday is in november on the 29th i am a ok school student getting about 89's

Reason i think i should be admin I Play ALOT i am nice to many i always tp to people to help place lava flatten some land or make walls
I am a fast reactor and i am good with rollingback and i have rolledback many things and banned many griefiers which come on late at night when you are in bed. And trying to make this server best as i can i can be trusted i would never do anyting to hurt this server i get addicted to one and if i get banned i would be terrified this is 4Th longest ive been on a server before gets shutdown im hoping to make this number 1 and hopefully i get admin and can help keep the peace

Thanks for Reading Kenny or anyone else

Thanks for your time -Quinn
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Request For Admin
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